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Competition is fierce in the hotel industry but the last thing you want to happen is a guest not choosing to stay at your hotel because of your bad content. It is so important to have good content to showcase your amenities and the unique services your hotel has to offer. 

Bither Braun offers the full package to make your hotel look on point. Photography, film, web design, virtual tours, drone, 360 views, event coverage, lifestyle shoots, culinary shoots, etc. Let us revamp or build your brand today. 

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With our virtual technology you can showcase your hotel or resort in 3D giving your guests the ability to explore every angle of your place and it's amenities in 4K resolution. Sales & Marketing Directors, Event Managers, General Manager or Concierges can easily text, email or embed your virtual link so guests can easily take the tour half way across the world without even being there. Not only will this increase your chance of making a sale by 70%, it saves time and money.  

For examples of our virtual tours click on the button below!


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